Setup & Usage Tutorial


What is a mention/reference?

It's a link to an Onshape document like

How does it work?

It searches for the Onshape document ID using the external service's search API and reports back the results with some nice formatting. That's it!

I'd like it to connect with XYZ. How do I request that?

More platforms will be added in the future. Info about submitting requests for more platforms is available on the home page.

Sounds neat. How do I get it?

Get it for free on the Onshape App Store:

How do I set it up and use it?

Check out the tutorial linked in the "Setup & Usage Tutorial" section higher up on this page.



It's not an official Onshape feature, rather it's an extension in the App Store. For any help requests, please email

Known Issues

  • Confluence and Jira require you to put the document ID by itself like 6eb1d47ad2b5b4b375c60fae. Their search APIs don't find subsections of URLs.

  • Google Drive needs links to be pasted right in the text. Having a link like this won't work.

  • Slack needs an admin to add the app to your Slack workspace before regular members can add it.

  • Trello sometimes takes a few minutes for results to be indexed. If you don't see a reference showing up, wait 5 minutes before emailing me.

  • Opening the application shows: "403. That's an error" - it's possible that you are signed in with a Google Visitor Session. Try opening a new tab of and signing out there, then signing in with a Google Account.

Contact Support

For any questions, comments, feedback, or ideas, you can email

Do not contact Onshape support.